Friday, 29 November 2013

Mistakes lead to improvement

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”  - Marilyn Monroe

Everyone makes mistakes! This is a fact. But, do we all recognize them? Some yes, others 'not really'. There are times in life when we all make mistakes, but our enormous pride forces us to deny them.

'Who, me?! No, I did not do it!'

And you repeat these words so loudly and so constantly that, in the end, not even you know the real truth anymore. People then judge you harshly, as if they suddenly became great saints; as if they had never made or denied their mistakes.

Horrible scenery, isn't it? But, it sure happened to you too! Let's state three truths clearly.

1. Making mistakes is perfectly natural

Every human being makes mistakes, as every human being can become a victim of somebody else's mistakes. We cannot change this facts, simply because a perfect world does not exist. So what can we do??

2. Being a connoisseur of your own mistakes is perfectly necessary

First of all, we must be aware of our wrongs. Realizing what we did wrong, being aware of each of our mistakes is the first step to success. If we know what we did wrong, our conscience will play a huge role in avoiding making the same mistake for the second time.

3. Denying your mistakes is just another 'perfect' mistake

Being aware of your mistakes but not recognizing them in front of others is a strong sign of a weak character. Facing the truth is hard, especially for proud people, but existential. If you cannot admit when you are wrong, how can you demand respect?

Dropping to conclusions.

A song's lyrics say that 'sorry seems to be the hardest word'. For some, 'sorry' is the hardest word. But it is also the only way to build a strong personality, to gain respect in the society and to improve the relationship with other people.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tell me what car you drive, and I'll tell you how your girlfriend looks like!

"Women are like cars: we all want a Ferrari, sometimes want a pickup truck, and end up with a station wagon" - Tim Allen

Powerful cars, strong women

Have you ever thought why some men choose to drive powerful Mercedes-Benz 4x4‎, while others are satisfied with a tiny low liter engine smart car? Sure, you will raise the issue of money. But let’s think about two men who have an equal amount of money, and one goes for a tiny car, while the other for a big powerful one?

The answer to these questions is that cars define men's tastes and personality. Studies show that men with a weaker personality usually go for big powerful engine cars, to compensate their lack of psychical strength, while psychically strong men tend to choose small cheap cars over powerful expensive ones.

So, what this has to do with women?

It seems that men's tastes on cars are strongly related to their tastes on women. This is the reason why men who prefer tiny cars over powerful ones, will also prefer sensitive weak women, who need to be protected, over strong independent women, who stand up for themselves, and men who prefer powerful engine large cars will prefer strong women.

This also means that men who drive a very beautiful car but with a poor technical condition, are likely to make the same choices in women, and date only beautiful women, regardless of their intelligence, passions or systems of values.

Men who make exception from this "car rule", and buy cars that resemble their personality, will also choose partners who resemble them (both physically and psychically) and their car. If this theory is true, the question is...

How does a truck driver's wife look like?!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Eight things men want to hear in bed

"Sex is just another form of talk, where you act the words instead of saying them"

He takes off your dress, pulls your panties aside, kisses your nipples and thrusts hard inside of you. Meanwhile, you are as quiet as a dead body. You are breathless. He makes you feel so good, that you cannot utter a single word, to confirm if what he is doing is right or wrong.

Although studies revealed that most couples prefer moaning and breathing heavy instead of talking dirty in bed, talking dirty during sex is one of the things men fancy about every time they get in bed with a beautiful woman. The question is: WHAT DO THEY WANT TO HEAR?

Of course "oh" and "yeah" will always do the trick, but here are eight more complex sentences you can whisper to him in bed, which will definitely increase his sex drive:

1. You have such a big cock - praising the size of his penis is very arousing for any men.

2. It feels so good - don't hesitate to let him know how he makes you feel

3. Give it to me - added to an appropriated pitch of the voice, this sentence will turn into a sexual arousal climax

4. Faster/Harder/Deeper - try to make use of words which emphasize the rhythm and the intensity you want

5. What are you doing to me - this phrase not only turns him on, but also shows him how good he makes you feel

6. I am so wet - hearing you say how wet you are, will drive him crazy

7. I love the horny look on your face - it is important to let him know what really turns you on in bed

8. I am cuming - There is nothing more arousing than this statement. Each time you reach the climax, don't hesitate to send out red signals, just to let him taste a drop of the pleasure you are experiencing.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Things men will never understand about women

Trying to enter a woman's mind is like entering the serpentine path of a never-ending labyrinth. The result is the same: you get lost. All these differences reinforce some people's opinion that women are from Mars, and men are from Venus. Today I will present to you top five things men will never understand about women.

The 'Drama Queen' Show

I'm gonna lay here in bed all day long, cry for five hours and then I won't talk to you anymore, because am so, sensitive!
Oh, really?! Move your fat ass and grow up!

Why women take revenge on food

I'm done with all this fighting. I'm hungry, wanna eat?
How can you eat in the middle of the fight?!
What has the fight to do with my stomach?

The continuous need to purchase more clothes

I need a new pair of jeans...
What? You have at least ten pairs of jeans!
Helloo...I said a NEW pair, not an old-fashioned one!

Hours of talking on the phone

So, honey, what are we goin...
Wait! Hello? Jennifer? Yes, Peter married Joanna and...
Gesh, aren't you sick of so much talking on the phone?!

The never-ending need for attention

I just need you to hold me close!
Hm...ok (Here, she goes again, 3...2...1...CRY!)

If there are more things that you don't understand about women, share them with me in a comment.

I'd love to hear both guys's and women' opinion.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Things women will never understand about men

The ability to sleep while a baby is crying loud
Honey, can you soothe the baby? Honey? Honeeeyyy...

How they can get ready to go out in only two minutes
I am ready. What takes you so long, girl? It's not like we're dating the president!

How often per day they can say 'I'll fix it, honey', without finally fixing anything
Honey, there's a leaky pipe in the bathroom!
Yes, I'll fix it later.
Sure you will...

The incapacity of looking into a woman's eyes when she has a deep cleavage
You idiot!
No, it's just that you just have a nice necklace!

How easily they become serial killers when someone speaks ugly about their mom
What did you say? Oh, you're so dead!

Parking a vehicle in line with another vehicle in just a couple of seconds
Gosh, what took you so long to arrive?
Hmm, the traffic was terrible...

Preferring to die, before asking for directions
Just let me ask someone where...
I said NO! I know where we are. 
Yes, we are at the same spot from where we left

Drinking beer and playing video games
Come one Peter, you're not 11 anymore!
Look what you did. I just got shot because of you!

The list can go on! Tomorrow I will share with you some common things MEN don't understand about women. 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

What is that smell?!

What is the first thing that crosses your mind, which could kill the passion instantly?
After reading the next story, you will only be thinking about a serious passion-killer.
Be ready to hear about a "smelly" situation!

Bob and Eve have been happily married for seven years. Everything is perfect in their relationship, except for one thing.

Eve dies for morning sex, but each time they wake up and try to have sex, Bob farts. Eww!

His morning farts simply kills Eve's arousal. The smell is so horrible, that she has to leave the bedroom and open all the windows, until the dead-fish-smell is gone. This way, they never manage to have morning sex.

'One of these days you will blow your guts out!', she yells angrily.

'Neah, farting is absolutely natural', the husband replies farting, all the way to the bathroom.

Eve gets angry and comes up with a malicious plan to make him regret his words. The next day, she wakes up earlier and takes a turkey out of the fridge.

She puts the inner parts of the turkey (guts, neck, liver) on a plate, and sneaks into the bedroom. Then, she gently puts them inside Bob's pants, without waking him up.

She returns in the kitchen and prepares breakfast, waiting for her husband's reaction. After half an hour, she hears Bob yelling.

'What's wrong honey', she yells from the kitchen, trying to control her tears of laughter.

After several seconds, the husband rushes into the kitchen, all pale and scared.

'Do you remember what you told me? That one day I would blow my guts out?'

'Yes', she replies faking seriousness.

'Well, it happened Eve. But thanks God and the lubricant we bought last week, I think I got most of them back in!'

Here are some funny fart pics, that will make your day!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The smaller, the better!

In a century where everything has to come in whale size, there is something, which has bigger advantages, when it is smaller-sized: THE BED.

Sure, everyone fancies a big bed, but are they really useful? Well, not in my view. Small beds are better both for single people and for couples.

If you are single, you will prefer a smaller-sized bed, simply because you do not have to roll from one side to the other, to fill the empty spots. We all know how we use to spoil ourselves when sleeping in an extra-large bed...

If you are married, or engaged in a relationship, a smaller bed is much better than a bigger one. Whether you are a man or a woman, a smaller bed will always keep you close to the person you love.

You just had a fight and you regret it, but don’t know how to make it up with him/her? Well, a king size bed won't be of much help, if you sleep ten meters away from the other.

A small bed will keep you closer to each other, and even help you make up with him or her.
So, size is important! The smaller the bed you sleep in, the bigger the advantages! Try it out!

What do you prefer: smaller or bigger beds?

Support your opinion with reasons!